Quiz on Tuesday for 9c,d,and e on comma usage!

9e- Baby pictures are due for the yearbook before October 18th.

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There is no homework for the week end of September 29th. All timelines are now past due.

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9e and 8d and e homework

9e- Burger love projects due tomorrow.

8d and e- test #3 tomorrow. Same test as #2 and #1.

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8d and 8e- avoir et etre quiz. Third time, same quiz.

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8 d and e Core French and 9c,d,e English

Core French! All project pieces are due Monday!  That includes: restaurant design, menu, recipe card with 5 or more ingredients and 6 or more steps (there is an example in the livre), special of the day (this is what you will be making for your show), and the promo card. DO NOT FORGET YOU NEED TO BRING BRISTOL BOARD TO CLASS.

Grade 9’s!!  By end of Monday, you should be finished reading up to page 230, with questions answered, as well. The whole thing is due by the beginning of class on Thursday, April 6. Projects will be distributed on Wednesday, April 5, and they will be due on Monday, April 10.

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Homework for Monday, March 27

New novels were handed out today.  20 pages per day is required, for reading. As well, after each chapter, students must turn to the back of the book, and select one question to answer. These answers must be neat and complete, with special regards paid to conventions and organization. This is for hand in Wednesday, March 5. Projects will be distributed at this time.

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9a, d, and e Class/homework March 14

In class today, we started our second piece of the novel study evaluation. Due yesterday was the in-class, one day plot plan summary along with one visual. Due Friday, with no homework required, is the chosen assignment discussed in class. Students must pick one of six options for either individual hand in or group hand in/presentation.

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